Join the Crowd. Save The Planet.

Biweekly service is available in Flagstaff!

Membership includes…

  • Collection bucket and lid
  • No contract commitment, month-to-month billing
  • Completed compost delivered once/year (optional)

Flagstaff Service Area

Flagstaff | Kachina Village | Fort Valley

All of the information!

What is the Compost Crowd food scraps collection all about?
Compost Crowd has been providing weekly and biweekly residential compost collection in Sedona since February 2018. Now, we are expanding our service area to include Flagstaff and Kachina Village! 

How does compost collection service work?
You receive a 5-gallon bucket that you will fill with food scraps and other biodegradable items, and we will come by every other week to collect it from your front porch and replace it with a clean one. 

Your collection day will always be on Thursday. 

Why do I have to select my zip code?
We have split Flagstaff into two separate territories for the route. 

One is 86001 within Flagstaff city limits
Two is 86004 within Flagstaff city limits and Kachina Village/Mountainaire.


Why should I sign up for collection service?
There are a lot of reasons to sign up!
1) You’re currently unable to compost your food scraps at home. 
2) You have tried DIY compost and it didn’t work out. (It was a mess 😜)
3) You’re worried about attracting wildlife if you have a pile outside at your house. 
4) You care about the planet and are looking to do everything you can to improve your own sustainability/decrease your carbon footprint. 
5) Because composting is cool!

How does putting my food scraps in a bucket for you to collect save the planet?
When food scraps and other organic matter end up in the landfill they don’t decompose naturally. Because landfills are essentially covered in plastic the food breaks down anaerobically, or without oxygen, and emits methane. 

Methane has a global warming potential 86 times that of CO2 on a 20-year time frame. Yikes! 

When we divert your food waste from the landfill and return it back to the earth (where it belongs), we are not only preventing this greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere, together we are restoring valuable nutrients to the soil which 
1) Improves local soil quality
2) Decreases the need for synthetic fertilizers
3) Decreases water use
4) Decreases erosion 

ALL from putting your banana peels in a bucket and having us bring it to a local farmer! 

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page or call or email us!  928-301-1534 or compostcrowd@gmail.com