Where is your service area?
We are currently servicing West Sedona between Uptown and Red Rock Loop Rd  AND the Village from Schebley Hill Road down 179 to the VOC.

WE ARE NOW SERVING FLAGSTAFF! (all the info here)

If you are interested in our collection service and live outside of that area, please sign up here so that we can gauge interest in other areas and prioritize expanding service to your neighborhood.

What is the investment?
We offer weekly and biweekly (every other week) collection options. Weekly is $38/month and biweekly is $20/month. You can sign up for the option that best suits your needs right here.

What is the one-time set-up fee for?
Joining requires a $25 one-time set-up fee on top of the first month’s fee listed above. This covers upfront coordination costs and access to our bucket reserve so you never need to provide your own.

I only live in Sedona part of the year, what are my options?
We recognize that many wonderful residents of Sedona split their time here or are world travelers.  Bearing this in mind we offer the opportunity to suspend your account if you are going to be away for a minimum of one month up to a maximum of eight months. This way when you return to town you simply let us know and we resume service without having to mess with another set-up fee.

Because all of our plans are billed monthly, we would love a notice of at least seven days before your re-bill date so we can accommodate suspending your plan.

Do I get some of the completed compost back?
That is our hope!  Because we are a very new company we can’t yet promise the frequency or quantity of completed compost you will receive until we have a better understanding of the volume of scraps we receive on a consistent basis.  Our vision is to provide all of our customers with completed compost for their own personal use at least twice a year.

What items can I put in my collection bucket?
YES: Fruits, veggies, eggshells, bread, grains, beans, pasta, coffee grounds, filters, tea-bags, nuts, pits (avocado, peach, date, etc.), dryer lint, vacuum lint, hair, and citrus peels.

NO: Meat/fish, dairy, bones, “compostable” bio plastics (for example, cups and lids that look like clear plastic but say “compostable” and BioBags)

Pretty please remove stickers from produce like bananas, avocados, and onion shells.  Teabags are okay as long as they aren’t made of plastic (please check the packaging, even some of the organic brands use plastic) and remove the staple if there is one.

I eat a lot of produce, what if I need more than a 3.5-gallon bucket?
*High five* to you for eating all of your veggies! You can increase your collection frequency to weekly, it’s only $18 more dollars a month for us to come two more times! Email us at sedonacompost@gmail.com and we will update your subscription.

Can I change the frequency of my pickups?
Absolutely. You can switch the frequency of your pick-ups for the upcoming month before your bill date. We ask for a notice of at least 7 days before your subscription bill date so we can switch you to a different plan and adjust/coordinate for picking up your collection bucket. Email us so next month you are on the frequency you’d like!

Where do I keep my bucket during the week?
We suggest keeping the bucket in a lower cabinet in your kitchen for ease of access. You may find it easier to keep a small bowl on your countertop where you prepare food and then transfer the whole bowl to your bucket all at once or simply open the bucket every time you have something to add to it.

Where do I put my collection bucket on Wednesdays?
Right on your front porch. If accessing your front porch is challenging or undesirable, just let us know an alternative spot on your property we can find your bucket each week.

Do I need to be home for you to pick up my bucket?
Nope! We will be by sometime late morning – afternoon, so as long as your bucket is out there by 8am, you’re all set!

I own a business in town, are you servicing businesses?
YES! We are now serving restaurants, resorts, offices, hair salons, cafes, cafeterias, and more!
Fill out the relevant application for either restaurants or offices and we will be in touch to set up a consultation and a proposal!