Compost Crowd is now providing premium compost collection services in offices, hair salons, and other places of business!

It is phenomenal that you’re considering incorporating composting into your sustainability goals–way to really step up and be a leader!

We work with our clients and their staff to plan and execute a customized strategy to fit their needs, and outfit their kitchens or breakrooms with stainless steel bins and appropriate signage.

A Compost Crowd team member will come by once a week (or more if you want!) to collect your compost and clean out the bin––you won’t even know we’ve been there!

For all of our business accounts we provide…

  • Quarterly environmental reports that measure sustainability and impact.
  • Your business will be listed on our website and promoted on our social media channels as an active member of the Compost Crowd.

Pricing and fees vary based on your needs.

How this works:

    1.  Fill out the form below
    2. We will reach out to schedule a consult (or even visit your office!) and we’ll craft a proposal.
    3. We deliver your bins and signs and meet with any relevant staff to ensure ease of transition and answer any and all questions.
    4. You and your team compost all of your compostable scraps, and every quarter we provide you with reports of how you are directly saving the planet.

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