We are proud to bring a weekly food scrap collection service to Northern Arizona! The EPA estimates that nearly 30% of what we throw out is compostable, not mention compostable materials in the landfill produce methane (86 times more damaging to the warming of the atmosphere than carbon!). Compost Crowd is a weekly residential food scrap collection service that is going to make it easy for you to compost your organic waste, decrease your carbon footprint, and return valuable nutrients back to the soil! Currently, we are servicing homes and businesses in West Sedona, Uptown, the Village of Oak Creek, and Flagstaff. Sign up online and you will receive a starter kit and your compost bin delivered to your door within the 48 hours. Then, all you have to do is throw your compostable items into your bucket and leave it on your front porch once a week. And the best part? At least once a year you'll get a bag of soil to use in your own garden!


We are here to help you responsibly dispose of compostable waste so you don't have to do it yourself! Together we can can dramatically increase Sedona's sustainability one bucket at a time!
Residential Food Scrap Collection
With our residential collection service you receive a  collection bucket to fill up with your compostable waste.  For as little as $20/month  we will collect the bucket from your home and provide fresh bucket.
Business Food Scrap Collection
Now, offices, hair salons, and other places of business can decrease their carbon footprint with our premium compost collection service. We provide stainless steel cans based on the business's needs & pick them up once a week (or more)!
Restaurant Food Scrap Collection
Our services now support restaurants, resorts, cafes, and coffee shops in diverting food prep/pre-consumer food scraps from the landfill. We work with our clients to plan and execute a customized strategy to fit their needs and schedule.

How It Works

Residential service now available in West Sedona, Uptown, the Village of Oak Creek, the Chapel Area, Flagstaff, and Kachina Village.


Meet the people that are going to be collecting your food scraps.
Brock Delinski
Brock Delinski

Co-Founder/Owner, Commercial Collection Manager, Woodworker, Former City Council Candidate, Environmentalist

Brock heads up all of the dirt-y parts of the business getting all of the collected food scraps onto the compost piles . He is the one driving the truck on the commercial collection route and doing the heavy lifting (literally)! When he isn't playing in the dirt, you'll find him building custom wood furniture, landscaping his property, or hiking the trails of Sedona.

Kathleen Ventura
Kathleen Ventura

Co-Founder/Owner, Director of Marketing & Customer Service, Residential Route Manager, TEDx Speaker, Environmentalist

Kathleen's deep desire to "save the planet" had her wanting to start a compost pick-up service in Sedona for years. She is thrilled to be engaging the Sedona Community on such an important issue. Kathleen will be the one answering all of your questions via email/phone, collecting the residential buckets, and chatting with you at the Farmers Market booth.

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